October 28, 2021


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Cesar Millan’s Animal Paradise in LA | Ranch Tour!

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Hey Youtube Pack!

Take a look into my 43 acre ranch in Santa Clarita, California. I used to walk a pack of 40 dogs in Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles and I told myself one day I will own a mountain. 10 years later, here it is! I created this place so people can step into a home that is safe, peace, and love where all animals and species live together in harmony.

1:20 – The Deck near the Waterfall
2:40 – My BBQ Area
3:15 – The Chinese Garden
4:03 – The Pool Area
5:43 – The City of Dogs
6:25 – The Shrine of Daddy
7:48 – Railroad Tracks from South Central LA
8:27 – Daddy’s Bed
9:30 – The Agility Park
11:20 – The Serengeti Dog Park
12:30 – The March of the Penguins
13:05 – The Mexican Flag Road
13:33 – The Bird Lane
14:40 – The Barn Area
15:55 – The Temple

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Better Humans, Better Planet
Trust, Respect, Love

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