October 28, 2021


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Dog Ear Cropping – a good idea?

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Ear cropping is the practice of chopping off a dog’s ears for no other reason than cosmetic appearance. This practice is common in the USA and a growing problem in the UK. There are two main types of ear cropping in dogs:
1 – Almost exclusively in pedigree-bred Dobermans who have surgery to produce very sticky-up, sharp-pointed ears (and also have their tails chopped off for good measure).
2 – the second lot of dogs that are being cropped are Bullies, particularly American Bulldogs. they have their ears chopped off to a ridiculous degree, leaving stubby little ears.
Make no mistake, these dogs are being mutilated.

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0:00 – Ear Cropping mutilation
1:17 – What is ear cropping
1:38 – Doberman ear cropping
3:30 – Bullie breed ear cropping
4:50 – Stopping the crop
6:35 – Next steps

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