October 17, 2021


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Raw Or Cooked Duck? Which Will The Cats Choose? | Ultimate Pet Nutrition

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A lot of duck meat and and two hungry cats…this should get interesting! We put raw cat diets to the challenge to see which of three choices, two picky cats would eat: Raw Duck Meat, Cooked Duck Meat, and Raw Freeze-Dried Nuggets. Place your bets in the comment section below!

*All raw meat was flash frozen for 48 hours and then re-thawed in the refrigerator to kill off any remaining bacteria before consumption.* The ideal raw diet for cats is prepared based on a carefully designed recipe. Many cat owners choose to prepare these diets themselves at home, but commercial forms are also available. If you choose to feed your cat a raw diet, it should be one that has been determined complete and balanced by a veterinary nutritionist. Cats that eat an imbalanced diet are at risk for a variety of health issues.

The duck meat in this video was specially prepared to be a blend of raw organ and muscle meat of duck, and also included probiotics specially designed for cats, in addition to bone broth and a small amount of shredded zucchini.

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Source: Ultimate Pet Nutrition

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