October 28, 2021


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The Science Behind Catnip | Why Does It Affect Cats?

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We’ve all bought catnip before but what exactly does it do to your cat’s brain? America’s Favorite Veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter shares his wealth of knowledge about what exactly catnip is and why it makes your cat go crazy!

Let your cat near this plant and you’re both in for a good time. Your cat might lick or rub against it, and the results are almost immediate! Catnip may cause hyperactivity or even drooling – but is it dangerous? Well you may need to give your cat a little extra room, and get ready to see them run around the house like mad. Some cats may even get a little sleepy or pass out completely!

The effects of catnip are temporary and usually wear off within half an hour, and your cat will become immune to the effects for a little while. But have you ever noticed how young cats will be affected less than older cats? Let’s unpack all of this and find the truth behind catnip.

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Source: Ultimate Pet Nutrition

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